Anti-Abortion Florida Man Calls Into C-SPAN: God Forgives Women Who ‘Get Raped’

For some bizarre reason, C-SPAN still takes live calls while on the air from randoms who often turn out to be lunatics unafraid to let loose — and that’s exactly what happened when Rocky from Clearwater, Florida said women who are “raped” shouldn’t be allowed to have abortions today.

Rocky, who called the Washington, D.C. dedicated public service station this morning, made the comments while calling into C-SPAN’s Washington Journal at 7 a.m. on Monday. The host of the program, John McArdle, was discussing what will happen to America’s flagship abortion case Roe v. Wade now that President Donald Trump can appoint another conservative justice to the Supreme Court. John McArdle

“I think it should be overturned, I think it’s murder,” said the Florida man. “I mean, you’re killing innocent kids. And there’s always people who can adopt, right?”

He continued on the anti-choice, Bible-thumping rant: “I understand people get raped or something like that. They can still give their kid away, whether it be adopted. God will forgive. God is a forgiving God and he forgives people.”

After the caller made the disturbing comments, C-SPAN host simply let Rocky continue to ramble on while he shuffled papers on his desk and eventually continued on to the next call.

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