Anti-Fur Protesters Disrupt CNN’s Black Friday Live Broadcast

CNN Anti-Fur ProtestersThere are some things you expect to see on Black Friday, and some you don’t. CNN’s Poppy Harlow experienced the latter this afternoon, when anti-fur protesters hijacked her live report outside of Macy’s.

Harlow was standing in midtown Manhattan, where a record 7,000 shoppers crowded at 4 AM this morning to take advantage of Macy’s Black Friday sale. While interviewing two bystanders—tourists from Wales—she suddenly found herself competing with a group of sign-wielding animal rights activists, who were shouting “Don’t buy fur!” at the assembled masses as they crept into Harlow’s frame.

Harlow didn’t seem too phased by the interruption. She acknowledged the mob, then tried to drown them out by talking even louder. Her interviewees followed suit until Harlow finally admitted defeat: “Deb, I will send it back to you, as it has become pretty wild here behind me,” she told her colleague in the CNN Newsroom. Maybe the protesters were so agitated because they heard about those banned PETA airport ads. Video from CNN below.

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