April Ryan on Report of Sarah Sanders Leaving WH: ’Someone Stabbed Her in the Back’


White House correspondent April Ryan has long had a contentious relationship with White House press secretary Sarah Sanders.

However, speaking to CNN’s Brooke Baldwin on Friday, Ryan admitted that in wake of a CBS report that Sanders is leaving the White House, she “feels bad” for her, especially since it seems a backstabber leaked that story to the press.

“This story was floated by someone within the White House,” Ryan said. “There is turmoil within that White House press shop, you better believe. Yes, there is. There’s in-fighting, and someone stabbed her in the back. The question is who.”

She added that she feels bad for Sanders, who seems to be hurting from the leak of her exit.

“She is a mother of three kids and I know she takes this personally and she loves her job,” Ryan continued on. “Even though we’ve had our public — interesting moments, you know, she’s a woman in this job. And I guess she feels when she comes to that podium, she has to deal with the audience of the President of the United States, and also has to be tough in that room of men with some women peppered through.”

Then she said this: “I know she’s hurting by this and trying to figure out where it came from…But someone leaked this story purposefully.”

After the CBS story breaking the news of her departure, Sanders issued a tweet the did not completely deny her departure was underway.

Then speaking to the press, she once again did not completely refute the report, telling reporters she was praying for clarity in the matter.

Watch above, via CNN.

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