April Ryan Pummels Steve Cortes After He Declares Unemployment Rate ‘Wonderful News for Black and Brown People’

Things got heated on Don Lemon‘s show on Friday night during a panel on unemployment.

During the panel, Trumpian Steve Cortes credited President Donald Trump for the record low unemployment numbers, especially among minority communities.

Then, touting the numbers he exclaimed, “This is wonderful news for black and brown people in this country who are finally starting to prosper.”

White House correspondent April Ryan was not about to let him get away with those remarks unscathed.

After political commentator Catherine Rampell and Lemon both chimed in, noting that former president Barack Obama has a lot to do with the current unemployment rates, Ryan unleashed on the Trump supporter.

“Oh, my God, see. This is now Donald John Trump’s economy. Did he have a positive residue from Barack Obama. Yes. Could he do more for black unemployment, Yes. Is black unemployment dropping now, Yes. But If you really want to show the black community there’s an urban agenda, you still have unemployment that is higher than any other group and teen unemployment in the black community is the highest of all,” Ryan said.

Things just got more heated from there.

Watch above, via CNN.

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