April Ryan: This WH is ‘Trying to Kill My Career,’ But ‘I’m Just a Journalist Who is an Activist For Truth’


White House correspondent for American Urban Radio Networks April Ryan appeared on The Daily Show and discussed her role as a journalist in the Trump era.

The CNN commentator began by telling Trevor Noah that she’s “warred upon” by the Trump White House and insisted that she has the “same role” during this administration as previous ones.

“I have asked questions from Bill Clinton to now and I think I’m an equal opportunity offender,” Ryan said. “I ask questions for answers and for truth and this administration for some strange reason, you know, they’re lumped into the same boat as the others who said ‘Oh, she might be asking questions that we don’t like,’ but they have taken it to another degree.”

“In what way?” Noah asked.

“Trying to discredit me,  trying to kill my career, trying to make me look as if I’m someone that I’m not,” Ryan responded. “I’m a journalist, I’m not an activist journalist. I’m just a journalist who is an activist for truth, who is activating the freedom of the press and walking in that. Because if we don’t ask those questions, you’re not going to find out what is happening. And it is about us being in that room, able to freely and independently ask the president of the United States questions for the American public to get answers and John McCain was absolutely right… He said, you know, if the press is suppressed or oppressed, it begins dictatorship. And I’m really questioning what’s happening now. Are we democracy or are we going down another path?”

Watch the clip above, via Comedy Central.

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