April Ryan: Trump Trying to Control the ‘Browning of America’ With Latest Anti-Mexico Rhetoric

CNN contributor April Ryan and former Republican congressman David Jolly were of the same mind tonight as they discussed how President Trump‘s administration reflects an effort to squash diversity in America.

The two joined Don Lemon tonight to talk about Trump’s latest anti-Mexico/ rhetoric and how it could impact the country on a political and economic level. As Lemon pointed out that Trump has misrepresented the Central American “caravans” approaching the U.S.-Mexican border, he asked Jolly “why is he tweeting something that is simply false?”

Jolly answered that it “reflects purely on [Trump’s] incompetence when it comes to facts and federal policy.” He continued to argue that the political reality is Trump has turned the GOP into an anti-immigration, anti-diversity party.

“When they talk about wealthy and educated immigrants only, they’re talking about white. They’re not talking about bringing diversity into the country. Donald Trump is playing to this base instinct that is wrong and immoral.”

Ryan nodded approvingly to Jolly’s points, summarizing it as “controlling the browning of America” when he finished.

Watch above, via CNN.

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