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Ari Fleischer Defends Susan Rice Against Calls For Her Resignation

Former Bush White House press secretary and CNN contributor Ari Fleischer told Wolf Blitzer that he doesn’t much like Rep. Peter King‘s assertion that U.N. ambassador Susan Rice should resign because of her comments following the fatal attacks in Libya.

Fleischer — who had experience with this while working within the Bush administration — explained that he dislikes it when people call for others’ heads to roll because of politics when the issue of terrorism emerges. “Sometimes I think that the world laughs at us,” he admitted, because American turn on one another in the aftermath of terrorist acts rather than linking together and presented a united front to the world. He didn’t like when this happened to George Bush, he added, and he doesn’t like it when it happens to Barack Obama either.

Instead of focusing our collective attention on Rice, he continued, we would do better to focus on addressing and eradicating terrorism.

Aaron David Miller of the Woodrow Wilson International Center agreed with Fleischer, noting also that the administration needs to “get its messaging straight.” Rice shouldn’t resign, he said, as she is merely reflecting the administration’s stance and policies.

Fleischer also wished the administration had taken more time to gather information before responding to the attacks by rather swiftly blaming them on the anti-Islam amateur film Innocence of Muslims.

Have a look, via CNN:

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