Ari Fleischer: White House Now ‘Losing’ in Omarosa Feud Because of Trump’s Tweeting


Former Bush White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer said President Donald Trump‘s tweets bashing Omarosa Manigault Newman aren’t exactly helping the White House.

Trump has been pushing back against many of the claims in her book, even calling her a “dog” yesterday:

Fleischer told Fox News’ Dana Perino that Manigault Newman was “on her way to crashing and burning,” noting how plenty of people in the press were calling out her credibility issues in the past week.

“She was crashing and burning,” he said, “and then when the President put out his tweet last night about her being a dog, he brought her back to life and that’s the biggest mistake the White House has made.”

Perino asked if maybe Trump felt that he just needed to push back as he did when Fire & Fury came out. Fleischer said this in response:

“In this instance he did not need to. She was on her way out. Nobody was believing her. I don’t think her book would have sold all that well. And he brought it back to life with that tweet. When you have CNN and you have the other outlets trashing Omarosa’s credibility because of the contradictions that she’s been caught in… you don’t bring her back. You don’t go lower than her low, because when you do that you make yourself and your own tweet the story instead of her behavior the story. He was on the verge––the White House was on the verge of winning this one and now they are losing it again because the president went too far.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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