Ari Melber: 2018 Proves That the Trump-Era ‘Nothing Matters’ Mantra Isn’t True, Things Still Matter


You’ve probably heard it over and over, probably from that SNL sketch from January: does anything even matter anymore? MSNBC’s Ari Melber tonight argued that everything that’s happened this year disproves that theory.

“Facts matter, democracy matters, accountability matters,” Melber argued, before saying the people trying to get away with everything have a vested interest in spreading that narrative.

He brought up the example of Trump’s tax returns and how “if people didn’t care about that, Trump wants us to believe they don’t care about anything.”

“The evidence this year,” Melber argued, “shows many things actually do matter, especially facts and carefully exposed facts about the federal government. Time and again this year, it was reporting and truths exposed about the government that led to change, including major change.”

Melber proceeded to throw out numerous examples, from reports on Cabinet members that resulted in them being ousted from the White House to public and private pressure against Trump on multiple different fronts.

“In a democracy,” he said, “things matter when we make them matter.”

You can watch above, via MSNBC.

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