Ari Melber Breaks Down Mueller Report: ‘Some of the Best Evidence of Criminal Obstruction a Prosecutor Can Get’


MSNBC’s Ari Melber devoted a lengthy portion of his show to breaking down the findings of Robert Mueller’s report, arguing the special counsel laid out clear evidence of obstruction of justice.

“Now we turn to a serious problem for Trump and the nation,” Melber started on The Beat Monday night. “The problem is the substantial evidence against Trump regarding the crime of obstruction of justice rigorously documented in the Mueller report. This evidence actually answers several of the mysteries of the Trump era, like why so many people lied even without a conspiracy, and why Trump was so obsessed with thwarting the probe, and why Trump’s senior aides were so concerned that his presidency could literally end before his first term was supposed to end.”

Melber pointed out that the Mueller report urges readers to view Trump’s “pattern of conduct as a whole,” adding the report lays out Trump’s “motive to obstruct even though there was no charged conspiracy.”

The MSNBC host argued that the “obstructive acts” from Trump boiled down to “three incriminating topics”: “Protecting Mike Flynn from indictment, pressuring Jeff Sessions improperly, and Trump trying to oust and thwart Mueller, and covering that up.”

“The most obvious from it of the president potentially committing the crime of obstruction was trying to oust Mueller, kneecap Mueller and then cover up that,” Melber said.

The MNSBC host focused on the revelation that Trump ordered former White House counsel Don McGahn to fire Mueller, a command the lawyer refused: “Donald Trump’s own lawyer not only defied the president’s order, but next he called his lawyer because he knew he was risking going to jail for that potential crime if he wasn’t careful.”

“That’s some of the best evidence of criminal obstruction a prosecutor can get,” Melber said.

Summarizing further evidence of obstruction in Mueller’s report, Melber continued: “What you’re looking at right here is Mueller nailing the coffin with Donald Trump’s own criminal intent, his ‘awareness that the direction to oust Mueller was improper.’ That is what obstruction of justice looks like when all the evidence is in.”

Melber pointed out it’s not up to Trump’s own Justice Department to arrest him — but Congress’s duty to act.

The Beat then aired footage of Republicans — from Lindsey Graham to Chuck Grassley and Mitch McConnell — arguing in 1999 that obstruction of justice is an impeachable offense.

In the second half of Melber’s commentary, he focused on arguments from wary Democrats that pushing for impeachment could backfire politically. Watch below.

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