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Ari Melber Faces Off With Corey Lewandowski: Didn’t Midterms Show Voters Rejecting Trumpism?

MSNBC’s Ari Melber spoke with former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski tonight and things got heated as they got into one of President Donald Trump‘s big campaign promises.

They first tackled the news of Paul Manafort‘s alleged meetings with Julian Assange. Lewandowski doesn’t believe his denials, telling Melber he’s a “serial liar.”

Melber then moved onto politics and brought up the blue wave to say, “Now we’re looking at a nation that has just rejected Trumpism and overwhelmingly voted for Democrats.”

Lewandowski pointed to successes in races where Trump was more invested, but Melber brought things back to the Democrats’ big gains in the House. And Lewandowski made the claim that maybe Republican candidates shouldn’t have run away from the President.

Melber bluntly told him he believes he’s wrong about that, finding it fascinating he would argue “they weren’t Trumpy enough.”

Things got a bit more heated when Melber brought up Trump’s campaign promise about the deficit and how it’s actually growing. Lewandowski pointed to Trump’s pledge to create more jobs and brought up military funding.

Melber called him out for changing the topic and said he’s “sounding very swampy.”

Melber also asked him if a report on John Kelly physically confronting him and putting his hands on him was true. Lewandowski did not definitively confirm or deny it.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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