Ari Melber Takes Comey to Task for Giving Air to Steele Dossier and Pee Tape: ‘There Was No Verification’

MSNBC’s Ari Melber took FBI Director James Comey to task for his part in spreading the salacious allegations in Christopher Steele’s unverified dossier.

Melber on Wednesday night tracked the evolution of the rumor that the Russians might have blackmail tapes (or a pee tape, as it’s known colloquially) of Trump, from its origins as an unverified rumor in the Steele dossier to widespread coverage in mainstream media. As Melber showed how that story shaped media coverage throughout the years despite no evidence that the tapes actually exist, he described how Michael Horowitz addressed the dossier in his report on the FBI.

“That’s a major claim,” Melber said on the dossier’s allegations. “Just releasing it can really hurt a public figure. And none other than James Comey went and presented the claim to Trump, stating it was unverified. And then, far less defensively, Mr. Comey, after leaving government, went public with that story in his book and on his book press tour.”

Melber was referring to the ABC interview Comey gave in 2018 where he said “it’s possible” the Russians have a tape of Trump receiving golden showers from prostitutes in a hotel room. The Horowitz report found the tale of Trump’s session with prostitutes was the stuff of “rumor and speculation,” and that the dossier “misstated or exaggerated” reporting.

“This may have been a small matter but it got a lot of attention,” Melber said. “There was no verification. Mr. Comey was out over his skis in public, at least, and in fairness to those involved, the dossier didn’t seem to have perfect sourcing on this very unverified claim.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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