Ari Melber to Trump: ‘You Can’t Just Yell What You Want or Go Home’ on DACA


Now that the government shutdown has ended, MSNBC’s Ari Melber addressed President Trump directly while talking about the serious human stakes in the ongoing DACA debate.

He recalled how historically, “policies to protect rather than punish child immigrants have not been very polarizing… [and] as a society, we don’t tend to punish babies and four-year-olds and eight-year-olds for what their parents did.”

Melber referenced where Ronald Reagan and both Presidents Bush clearly stood on this issue before getting around to the current President.

He said Trump just went ahead and “made up a six-month deadline” on DACA that he could easily alter, though there’s also the fact that the President appears to have changed his mind on what it is he wants:

“Mr. President, here’s the deal right now. You set a deadline for when you’d start deporting children unless Congress acted. Then you said you had a deal with Congress. Then you blew up that deal. If you make a deal and don’t stick to it long enough to sign it, you will push people to find other ways to try to force your hand. And since this is a democracy, not a dictatorship or a scripted reality show, you won’t always have the final say by yourself, even when you have the top job. You don’t get to skip the hard part because you only run a co-equal branch of government… You can’t just yell what you want or go home.”

Melber invoked how many homes Trump has and concluded, “The undocumented children whose lives are hanging in the balance as this debate continues right now, they believe they have only one home.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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