Arianna Huffington: Michele Bachmann Migraine Reports Are ‘So Sexist’

This morning Arianna Huffington appeared on the This Week roundtable, and found herself echoing sentiments of others like Mike Huckabee that media reports on Michele Bachmann’s migraines were completely unfair. Huffington claimed Bachmann is definitely getting the “female treatment,” and instead wished that people would focus on the many legitimate problems with Bachmann instead.

George Will didn’t think her migraines were a big deal either, suggesting “there is no reason to believe that this is incapacitating.” According to Will, many politicians in the past have had health problems, including some secret condition suffered by former president John Kennedy (so secret in fact that Will didn’t mention what exactly, but here’s a clue). Huffington agreed, insisting:

“The problem with Michele Bachmann is not her migraines, the problem is what she believes. And the idea that somehow she cannot deal with the big boy, man world of stress is so sexist.”

Although it still was humorous to hear Huffington describe, in her unique accent, the details of the allegations that whenever Bachmann misses a flight or someone quits “she’s taken to her bed, to her fainting couch – it’s very Victorian.” And hearing Amanpour’s unique pronunciation for the word “migraine” is likely to induce an awkward chuckle as well.

Watch the clip from ABC below:

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