Art of the Deal Writer Tony Schwartz: Bombshell NYT Report Ends the Myth of Trump as a ‘Self-Made Man’


Art of the Deal co-author Tony Schwartz said on MSNBC tonight he believed “tax fraud and money laundering” would end up as a bigger problem for Donald Trump than potential collusion, but the bombshell New York Times report today “goes far beyond even what I thought had happened.”

The Times has a massive report out today detailing alleged tax schemes and “outright fraud” Trump was involved in. His lawyer Charles Harder said in a statement, “The New York Times’ allegations of fraud and tax evasion are 100% false, and highly defamatory.”

Schwartz tonight told Ari Melber that “Fred Trump was in the business of making money, and Donald Trump was in the business of losing money, and he lost money of Fred’s throughout his career.”

“It’s like the cover has been ripped off this man,” he said. “Whatever myth there was, as you said earlier, that he was a self-made man, or that he was even a legitimate businessman, is gone forever.”

Schwartz called Trump a “black hole” who feels like a fraud, and added, “What comes out tonight is he had good reason to feel like he was a fraud. He was a fraud. And he was committing fraud.”

He continued:

“I think Donald Trump sitting in the White House tonight is probably feeling more enraged by this than by virtually anything that ever happened to him… This is a man who invented himself. That’s his claim to fame. He literally invented it from whole cloth. There’s nothing about him that is real. Now we really see that. And it’s extraordinary… I have to say the idea of who Donald Trump was that existed until today is gone forever.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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