Art of the Deal Writer Tony Schwartz: By Now ‘John Kelly Knows… Trump is Deeply Disturbed’

Many have looked to Tony Schwartz — who spent 18 months with President Donald Trump in the 1980’s as he was ghost writing Trump’s perennial bestseller The Art of the Deal — as something of a Trump soothsayer in recent months. While the jury is still out on Schwartz’s suggestion that Trump will resign before year’s end, the author made another prediction with a greater level of certainty Thursday night on CNN.

Appearing on AC360, Schwartz said that after two months as Chief of Staff, Gen. John Kelly, at this point, has a pretty good idea what Trump is all about.

“I do believe John Kelly knows clearly that Trump is deeply disturbed and he is utterly untrustworthy,” Schwartz said. “And he is managing him all the time out of some belief — put aside ideology — that it’s better that he be there than he not be there. I never met anybody who worked for Trump who didn’t know who Trump was within a very short time.”

Earlier in the segment, Schwartz weighed in on Trump’s mental fitness — or, in Schwartz’s opinion, the President’s lack thereof.

“Is Trump crazy like a fox or is he just crazy?” Schwartz said. “And I think the overwhelming weight of evidence suggests that he’s just crazy. And not… casual crazy. I’m talking about crazy — I’m not a psychiatrist so I actually can get away with saying this — but crazy as a personality disorder.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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