Asian American Obama Official Condemns Trump’s ‘Kung Flu’ Slur: Kids Will Hear it ‘From Every Schoolyard Bully’


Former Deputy Secretary of Labor Chris Lu warned that President Donald Trump’s use of the racist term “kung flu” will lead to increased bullying and harassment of Asian Americans.

Lu joined MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell on Thursday to address reports that the government sent out over a million coronavirus pandemic stimulus checks to dead people. In time, the conversation moved to Trump’s repeated referral to the coronavirus as the “kung flu,” a slur which members of his own administration have condemned as offensive.

“What was so chilling about the remarks he did in Phoenix was this was to a group of young people. He seemed to be deliberately trying to rile them up,” said Lu. “When you heard those young people cheering him, saying ‘kung flu,’ I thought about all of the Asian American kids who are going to hear that taunt from every schoolyard bully that they meet.”

Lu went on by drawing a parallel with how Trump’s rhetoric against Hispanics and others has been used to bully children in schools across the country.

“When he utters those words, he might think it is a joke,” Lu continued. “It is not a joke to me as an Asian American who has heard these taunts, because I know the effect this will have not just on people like me, but more importantly, on children who are going to begin to hear this at school.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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