At GOP Debate, Rick Perry Can’t Remember Third Agency He Would End As President

Rick Perry has become famous for his poor debate performances, which contributed largely to his fall from the top of the GOP polls, but he has topped himself tonight. With a good head of steam going answering a question from Caterpillar CEO Douglas R. Oberhelman, Perry ground to a halt as he tried to explain the three government agencies he would eliminate. “Let me tell you, it’s three agencies that are gone when I get there. Commerce, Education, and the um, what’s the third one there?”

Mitt Romney tried to help, offering “EPA?”

That wasn’t it, according to Perry. Given another chance to list them by moderator John Harwood, Perry tried again.

“The third agency I would do away with…the…ahh…Education…ahh…Commerce, and, let’s see,” looking down at his podium, “I can’t, the third one. I can’t. Sorry. Oops.”

A few minutes later, Perry did recall the lucky third agency: The Department of Energy. Yeah, how’s the Governor of Texas supposed to remember that one?

It was painful to watch. Maybe Perry ought to consult with Sarah Palin before the next debate, if he’s still in the race after this.

Here’s the clip, from CNBC: (Update below video)

Update: According to CNN Political Reporter Peter Hamby:

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