Atlanta News Director Explains Why in God’s Name They Had 25-Box Chaos on Screen

A few weeks ago, when Atlanta had a bit of a weather crisis, WSB did something completely strange. Instead of one reporter box, or two, or four, they instead opted for TWENTY-FIVE BOXES, all with different reporters inside them. The double-dodeca-plus-one set got quite a bit of attention online, and even attracted the attention of Jon Stewart on The Daily Show.

So… why did this happen?

Well, WSB news director Mike Dreaden cleared up people’s misconceptions about the 25-headed news hydra and exactly how it was pulled off.

The truly noteworthy thing about the news box is that it graphically demonstrated the ABC affiliate’s technical and logistical prowess, he says. “I was proud of it because it showed the scope of our coverage”…

The WSB graphic, which first appeared on the station’s 4 p.m. newscast Jan. 29, was actually produced before the show. “Not everyone was actually live at the moment we went to air with the news box,” Dreaden says. “We do not have the ability to do 25 live shots simultaneously.”

Ah, dammit. Still, it’s a nice dream…

You can watch the original Daily Show bit below, via Comedy Central:

[h/t TVSpy]

[photo via screengrab]

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