Attorney Who Visited Border Says U.S. Guilty of ‘Torture Abuse and Neglect’ of Children


Attorney and law professor Warren Binford spoke out about her visit to Border Patrol facilities, describing the conditions as “torture, abuse, and neglect” and saying that the facilities are “so dirty, so filthy, and so unsanitary that children are literally dying.”

Binford was one of the attorneys interviewed for a New Yorker story that brought attention to the conditions at the border, and she spoke out on Monday morning’s edition of CNN Newsroom.

Anchor Jim Sciutto played a clip of Vice President Mike Pence’s weekend interview with Jake Tapper, then asked Binford to describe the conditions she had seen at the border.

“They were the worst conditions that I’ve ever seen in the United States of America,” Binford said,  describing them as a “Lord of the Flies scenario where there’s no direct adult supervision and they’re having to take care of each other, children described as many as 300 in a room in the warehouse, we have children who were being kept in cells where they are sleeping on concrete floors, there are as many as 25, 50, 60 children in these cells with open toilets in the middle.”

“They are having to eat in these cells, they’re having to defecate in these cells, the children are sick, there’s an influenza outbreak in the facility, there’s a lice infestation in at least one of the cells, and the children are being forced to care for one another because there is no one caring for them there,” Binford added.

Sciutto then asked Binford, “Are those conditions a product of the influx, of the numbers, of a lack of resources, or is it your view that this is, to some degree, intentional?”

“You know, I tend to think the best of people, so I would hate to imagine that someone would literally torture, abuse, and neglect these children for political purposes, so I’m not going to go there,” Binford replied.

“What I can tell you is that there is a massive mismanagement of the system that’s been set up to care for these children,” she continued. “Almost all of these children have family in the United States who are ready and willing and want to take care of them. They have loving homes, and they can care for these children. America doesn’t need to take responsibility for these children. All it needs to do is get these children to their families.”

“Instead, what we’re seeing is these children are being warehoused in border patrol facilities that are so dirty, so filthy, and so unsanitary that children are literally dying,” Binford said. “You see about a child die per month in these conditions.”

Binford went on to say that it is “unfathomable” for the government to ask for more money when they’re mismanaging things so badly, and “literally abusing children.”

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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