Autism Charity Spokesman Takes Random Shot at Birthers on MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Reports

In a sure sign that Donald Trump‘s tireless PR efforts on behalf of the Birther movement are working, Autism Speaks co-founder (and former NBC head) Bob Wright came to his interview about Autism Awareness Month prepared to prove where he was born. Following his and wife Suzanne’s introduction, Wright volunteered his birth certificate, eliciting a nervous laugh from Andrea Mitchell, before continuing the completely unrelated segment.

From a media perspective, this clip is another indicator that the Birther spectacle has graduated from political curiosity to pop-culture hot button. When apolitical people start showing up all over TV showing their birth certificates, that means the Birthers are “Winning!” in the most Charlie Sheen sense of the word.

In my opinion, though, Wright probably should retire this gag (which would have been much funnier had Mitchell offered him some Mardi Gras beads). As much as I love a good Birther dig, people who are acting as spokesmen for charities should do their best not to alienate the folks who might otherwise donate. Sadly, the Birthers now number more than half of all Republicans, and Birthers or not, everyone should consider giving to this worthy cause. Wright should leave the comedy to the comedians.

Watch the video fro MSNBC below:

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