Avenatti Attempts to Revive Stormy Daniel’s Suit: Trump and Giuliani ‘Shot Themselves in the Foot’

Attempting to revive the Stormy Daniel’s suit Thursday, Michael Avenatti says he’s confident both President Donald Trump and his personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, “shot themselves in the foot” by revealing potentially self-implicating information.

Avenatti, the lawyer representing Daniels, claims public remarks by Trump and Giuliani are grounds for the 90-day stay in the case to be lifted since new details have been revealed.

Earlier this month, Giuliani told Fox News that Trump reimbursed his attorney Michael Cohen for $130,000 given to Daniels, a porn actress, as hush money for her alleged affair with the president. While Giuliani has since backpedaled on that story, now claiming he doesn’t know what the cash was for, Avenatti says recent remarks like that are critical, especially for a potential deposition.

“I think those statements are going to come back and bite them in a very big way,” he told MSNBC’s Ari Melber. “I don’t think this case is going to be put on hold for months or years on end, and ultimately, Ari, I think that the statements are going to prove to be fodder for us being able to depose the president in the coming months and placing him under oath.”

Pressed by Melber on whether he felt his chances at putting Trump under oath are better now than before, Avenatti said, “there’s no question in my mind about that.” His certainty, he says, is partly due to Giuliani’s repeated flubs.

Giuliani has routinely created a storm of bad press for the president in a series of foot-in-mouth interviews, something which Avenatti called “very, very helpful.”

Appearing to take a jab at the lawyer, he added, “I hope he continues to go on Fox as many times as he possibly can and he should provide as many facts and statements as he’d like to, because we’re counting them and we’re very appreciative of his efforts.”

Watch the clip above, via MSNBC.

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