Avenatti Calls on Michael Cohen to Release Bank Statements of Payments From Russian Oligarch


Michael Avenatti is making the rounds on the morning news shows again, this time calling on Michael Cohen to release the bank statements from his financial dealings with Russia oligarchs.

The Stormy Daniels lawyer shook up the legal and media worlds last night when he released a report stating that President Trump‘s personal lawyer received half a million dollars from a Vladimir Putin-affiliate Viktor Vekselberg, which was facilitated through a shell company. Avenatti’s report has been corroborated by multiple news sources, and he claims that the transactions here are highly relevant to the hush money Cohen paid to keep Daniels quiet.

When Avenatti joined ABC’s George Stephanopoulos to talk about this, he reiterated that “something doesn’t smell right,” and Cohen’s dealings suggest that he might be selling access to Trump. Avenatti said there’s “no question” about the accuracy of his report, but there is something the president or his attorney can do if they want to challenge him.

“Michael Cohen and the president can clear this up this morning very easily,” Avenatti said. “Michael cohen should release the bank statements from this account, this single account from October of 2016 until April of this year, so he can disclose to the American people what money was received or not received.”

As Avenatti discussed the alleged legal services Cohen has provided to various organizations, he argued that there are outstanding questions about whether Trump’s lawyer is an unregistered lobbyist who accepted foreign money. When pressed on whether Cohen’s payments were reimbursement for the Daniels payments, Avenatti and Stephanopoulos debated on whether the timing of events gives weight to the former’s theories on the matter.

“let them disclose the records,” said Avenatti. “If there’s nothing to hide, then why do they continue to hide this information, hide the involvement?”

Watch above, via ABC.

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