Avenatti Responds to Trump: ‘This Third-Rate Lowlife Lawyer Has Been Kicking His Butt’


Speaking with CNN’s Don Lemon late Wednesday night, Kavanaugh accuser Julie Swetnick‘s attorney Michael Avenatti responded to President Donald Trump slamming of him during a press conference held earlier in the day in New York City.

During the press conference, Trump said this: “All of a sudden, the hearings are over. And the rumors start coming out. And then you have this other con artist, Avenatti come out with another beauty today. Her lawyer is a lowlife. Okay? So I can’t tell you whether or not they’re lies. I don’t know about today’s person that came forward. I do know about the lawyer. And you don’t get much worse, bad reputation too, take a look at his past.”

Asked for his response by Lemon, Avenatti said this:

Don, you know, it’s laughable. I mean, let me get this straight. So the first-rate lawyer would be the lawyer that Donald Trump hired for 10 to 12 years, Mike Cohen. That legal genius, that would be the guy that just pled guilty to the multiple felonies including felonies involving Donald Trump. I mean, evidently, that’s what Donald Trump thinks is a first-rate lawyer. If that is what a first-rate lawyer is, I’m happy to be a third-rate lawyer. I’ll also add that this third-rate lowlife lawyer has been kicking his butt and his lawyer’s butt for seven months, not a single thing that I have predicted was going to come true has been proven false. Numerous predictions I’ve made have come true, not a single accusation that I have made I haven’t delivered on. So you know, again, I think the president has zero credibility. Especially when it comes to his opinion of lawyers.

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