Kathy Griffin Topless On New Year’s Leads To Surreal Exchange

During last night’s CNN coverage of New Year’s, co-host Kathy Griffin, who was on her worst behavior, decided to strip down to her bra, much to the chagrin of Anderson Cooper, who then had to subsequently field a call from political correspondent David Gergen. Awkwardness ensued.

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Despite the weirdness of the moment, Gergen valiantly trudged on with the phone call.

“Glad to see you and Kathy there, and I’m waiting for the ball to drop to see what Kathy does next.”

“I know that her clothes have dropped and I don’t know what is going to drop next,” Cooper fretted.

“Is there a Mrs. Gergen?” Griffin sassily asked.

“Yes, we are happily in the Caribbean with my brother and his wife,” Gergen replied.

“He’s with his wife?” Griffin exclaimed. “I am standing in my underwear in Times Square! And you are telling me that he has a Mrs. Gergen.”

“And you are there with Anderson, and he can handle it,” Gergen responded. “Oh, my goodness!”

Watch Gergen’s awkward phone call with Cooper and Griffin below:

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