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Awkward, Sweet, Or Both? Kirk Douglas Mugs For Camera While Presenting At The Oscars

Actor Kirk Douglas – looking better at age 94 than Charlie Sheen will ever feel in his whole life – presented the award for “Best Supporting Actress” at this evening’s Oscar Awards. Now, the Oscars are mainly about three things: 1) Seeing who ends up looking drunk during the ceremony, 2) seeing who wore what worse, and 3) drumming up suspense as each category’s winner is announced. Douglas, looking quite dapper with his cane, had the latter down pat, drawing out the anticipation for approximately 192 hours before announcing that The Fighter actress Melissa Leo would be taking home a little gold man this year.

The highlight was Douglas calling out Hugh Jackman for laughing before “struggling” for the envelope. We hear Helena Bonham Carter filmed about seven Tim Burton films from the time he stepped on stage until the winner was finally announced.

Many on Twitter seemed to be annoyed by the bit, but we found it charming and rather endearing. More Douglas, less Hathaway?

Check out the moment, from ABC:

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