Axelrod: ‘Terrible Mistake’ for Clinton to Not Answer Questions

Former White House senior advisor David Axelrod told a Meet the Press panel Sunday morning that Hillary Clinton needed to start answering the press questions routinely, or else her every tiny statement would take on disproportionate weight. Rumors that SS That Ship already sailed went unconfirmed at press time.

“She has to get out there and answer questions,” Axelrod said. “She has to do it routinely so it’s not a major news event when she takes a few questions.”

“She has to get into the rhythm of a campaign, where she’s out there, she’s answering questions, she’s making speeches. It would be a terrible mistake to not do that.”

Clinton has not fielded a question in almost a month, and has largely let her husband Bill Clinton run interference. This is annoying the political press corps, who have made trolling Clinton’s hermeticism a competitive sport.

Watch the clip below and delete your account, via NBC News:

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