Axelrod: Trump’s Attitude Towards the Press Poses ‘Real Danger’ to Our Democracy

axelrodDavid Axelrod said on CNN today that President-elect Donald Trump‘s attitude towards the press should alarm and disturb everyone.

Earlier today Trump tweeted that he would “have far less reason” to tweet if the media was fairer to him.

Wolf Blitzer asked Axelrod if it’s “at all realistic” that Trump could just circumvent the press entirely. Axelrod said that while presidents don’t generally love the press, “Donald Trump is epically thin-skinned.”

And the idea of Trump only liking the press outlets that praise him and trashing the ones that are more critical of him is a “real danger” to our democracy, in Axelrod’s view:

“Part of the check on unbridled power is a free press. And for a president to say ‘You know what, I don’t really believe in that’ is a bit frightening.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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