Axios to Deflated Steve Bannon: Did You Flee to Europe ‘Because You Don’t Have Relevance in American Politics?’


Steve Bannon was grilled on whether his activities to cultivate international right-wing movements have really had any results over the last few months when Johnathan Swan interviewed Bannon for Axios on HBO, particularly as the conversation turned to the latter’s efforts to promote populist movements throughout Europe.

There was a lot of media attention months ago when Bannon leased an Italian monastery to turn it into a training ground for right-wing political campaigns, and yet, reports suggest that the Italian government is on the verge of shutting it down before Bannon has been able to accomplish much of anything.

When Swan asked Bannon if he has been able to execute his promises, Bannon attributed his setbacks to European election laws and said “I’m not sure we can actually provide” what he promised. Bannon argued against the idea that he has nothing to show for his work, but when he pointed to his relationship with Matteo Salvini, Swan countered that he spoke to Salvini and got the impression that the Italian deputy prime minister has a rather different view of his connection to Bannon.

“We spoke to Salvini and he said he’s spoken to you twice in his life, barely knows you” Swan revealed. “Is that true?”

As Bannon pushed back on those assertions, Swan shifted gears and asked if Bannon took his activities abroad because he no longer feels relevant to American politics after his unceremonious break from President Donald Trump.

“Is this just because you don’t have relevance in American politics?” Swan asked.

Watch above, via HBO.

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