AZ Gov. Jan Brewer Claims Most Illegal Immigrants Cross Border For Drug Crime

In a recent debate, Gov. Jan Brewer of Arizona commented that she believed illegal immigrants were mostly not coming into America for the jobs– most were here for representing drug cartels. Today, she added to those comments, claiming that a majority of illegal immigrants are “under the direction of drug cartels.”

Her previous comments followed a similar logic to those from the past 24 hours:¬†“My opinion, and, I think, in the opinion of law enforcement is that they’re not coming here to work. The majority are coming here and bringing drugs… they’re extorting people, and they’re terrorizing families… that is the truth.” Now, she says, the majority of illegal immigrants¬†“are under the direction of organized drug cartels and then are bringing drugs in.”

If the governor is attempting to make her opinion more popular to the mainstream, branding the majority of the illegal immigrant community as drug peddlers may not be the way to cool down the collective consciousness. However, if her goal is to keep the debate alive and stake her claim for the controversial law she recently passed, this is one way to do it.

The report from Arizona’s CBS 5 News below:

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