AZ Gov Jan Brewer On Meeting Obama: We’ll Defend Bill All The Way To SCOTUS

Embattled, and wildly cheerful, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer appeared on On the Record with Greta Van Susteren last night to discuss her upcoming meeting with President Obama later today. Oh to be a fly on the wall for that meeting! Interestingly, Brewer says the meeting was scheduled at the last-minute and that she was looking forward to meeting with the President, noting that this wasn’t her first ride in the Oval Office “rodeo.”

    Said Greta: “I get the sense Obama was sort of cornered, that he was sort of forced to meet with you.”

    Said Brewer: “I’ll take the meeting any way I can get it.”

According to Brewer, she has been having a tough time getting in touch with the administration: letters to Homeland Security have gone unanswered, former AZ governor Janet Napolitano has only called her once (a year ago), she’s not even aware if Obama plans on sending actual troops to the AZ border — an interesting remark considering all the coverage his announcement received. The point, I suppose, is: Brewer is not the President’s favorite person.

As for the elephant in the room (or state, as the case may be) Brewer told Van Susteren that she hopes Obama’s legal team reads the AZ immigration bill thoroughly and that she and her team are willing to defend the bill all the way to the Supreme Court. Watch below.

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