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Aziz Ansari Returns to ​The Tonight Show as Bobby Jindal For the Last Time

Aziz Ansari returned to The Tonight Show to revive his decent Bobby Jindal impression for the second and last time.

If you didn’t already know, the Republican governor from Louisiana announced on Tuesday that he was dropping out of the 2016 election. The news was lamented by Late Show host Stephen Colbert, but has otherwise been forgotten in the 24-hour news cycle.

Hence why the comedian’s return to the impression on Jimmy Fallon‘s show Thursday will probably be his last. According to Aziz’s Jindal, however, he won’t leaving the limelight anytime soon.

“What’s next?” asked Fallon. “I know a lot of politicians end up getting their own TV shows.”

“That’s the goal, Jimmy. I’m talking to Fox News about hosting a show where I travel the country helping real Americans solving real problems,” said the comedian-cum-politician. “It was originally called Bobby Jindal’s Adventures Across America, but I thought that was a bit too long. So I shortened it to BJ’s Across America.”

Fallon’s scripted (and the audience’s expected) reactions aside, that actually sounds like an interesting show. My only concern is with the shortened title, which seemingly forgot about the “adventures” of the original one. Where did BJ’s adventures go?

Check out the clip above, via NBC.

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