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Baby Bald Eagles Being Born On Live Stream Sends Internet Into ‘Awwwww’ Frenzy

Eleven million people can’t be wrong, right? That’s the estimated audience for a live stream of a “baby eagle cam” in Decorah, Iowa. The stream, which shows what’s happening inside an eagle’s nest, has become a viral sensation, with folks around the world watching the nest 24 hours a day. “The world loves it,” Bob Anderson, director of the project, told the Associated Press. “I have had bird cams for 20 years…I’m in shock, I’m in awe” of its popularity.

The nest was built by a family of eagles in 2007, and the cameras were installed last fall. According to ABC News, viewers watching at the right time have caught quite an amazing show:

So far, two of three eggs have hatched, with the third eaglet expected to peck its way from its shell within days.

The two fluffy gray chicks can be seen and heard chirping on the feed, craning their necks for food as their parents try to keep them warm. The eggs were laid at the end of February.

The enormous nest, over five feet wide, is perched high atop a cottonwood tree near the Decorah Fish Hatchery. The nest is 80 feet up, making the installation of camera gear all the more impressive. In the background of the shot, viewers can see cars and trucks passing on a road far below.

The live stream is addictive, so beware. For the latest on the baby births, watch it here, from ABC News:

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