Bachmann Defends Gingrich’s Trayvon Martin Comments: ‘Race Shouldn’t Be A Factor, All Human Life Is Valuable’

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann appeared on ABC’s This Week earlier today and right off the bat, George Stephanopoulos asked her about Newt Gingrich‘s controversial remark last week that President Obama‘s comments on the Trayvon Martin shooting were “disgraceful” and “appalling.” Bachmann agreed with Gingrich’s statement, saying that the president should not have brought Martin’s race into the forefront and connected it to his own.

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David Plouffe, who was on right before Bachmann, condemned Gingrich’s remarks as reprehensible, and so Stephanopoulos asked Bachmann what she thought of Plouffe’s response. Bachmann sided with Gingrich in the war of words, but couldn’t help but note how close he and Plouffe were to seeing eye to eye.

“I think what Newt Gingrich said is that race shouldn’t matter, all human life is valuable, and it’s interesting. The second part of David Plouffe’s answer, he said the same thing. All human life is valuable. That should be the bottom line. I’m a mother, a mother of five biological children, and also a mother of 23 great foster children. And when you’re a mother, of course, when something tragic like this happens, you want to know what the truth is, what’s the result. An investigation is so important, we have to get to the truth about what really happened. Not imagine what happened, but actually get to the truth.”

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