Rep. Bachmann Iowa Campaign Co-Chair Endorses Ron Paul At Rally

On the tail of Rep. Michele Bachmann herself denouncing rival Rep. Ron Paul as “dangerous” on Fox News, it appears that at least one of her campaign co-chairs seems to disagree. Yes, it’s true: Iowa State Senator (and Iowa Bachmann Campaign Co-Chair) Kent Sorenson appeared at a Rep. Paul rally earlier tonight, and endorsed a candidate on whose campaign he is not on an official leader.

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Sen. Sorenson appeared at the Iowa Fairgrounds for a Rep. Paul event a little while ago, and made his endorsement official. The news initially came from sources on the ground in Iowa via Twitter, and was later corroborated by cable news sources. One particularly bizarre aspect of this defection? As Rachel Maddow explains, Sen. Sorenson was actually in attendance at a Rep. Bachmann rally earlier today, so either he was planning to leave his boss and went to a rally anyway, or had a very, very sudden change of heart.

Rachel Maddow breaking the news via MSNBC below:

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