Bachmann Uncomfortably Dances Around Endorsing Romney On Fox, Insists ‘It Isn’t About Me’

Michele Bachmann hasn’t endorsed a candidate yet, and on Tuesday night, she danced around the endorsement question even more as Fox’s Greta Van Susteren questioned her on the issue. “It isn’t about me,” she insisted, adding that she’s focused on bringing the party together.

Bachmann said she’s been working very hard to unite the party, and that the focus is not on her. Van Susteren asked, “Why don’t you just endorse him though?” — especially given that it’s inevitable Mitt Romney will be the nominee.

It goes without saying, Bachmann said, that President Obama should not get a second term. But she still pressed that this is not about her endorsement — with Van Susteren pointing out that people look to her.

Bachmann insisted she hasn’t been shy, and she’s said she will back the nominee. But her work, she said, has been behind the scenes. Numerous times, she underlined, “it isn’t about me.” Nope, no enthusiastic Romney endorsement here.

Take a look, via Fox News:

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