Back In The USSR: Romney Advisor Refers To Russia As The ‘Soviet Union’

President Barack Obama’s supporters have been vocally critical of Mitt Romney’s foreign policy statements in which he claims that Russia is an adversary of United States’ foreign policy objectives. Some, including Vice President Joe Biden, have called Romney’s view of foreign policy as being backward and reflective of a “Cold War mentality.” Today, a top Romney advisor gave the Republican presidential candidate’s critics new ammunition to buttress that claim after he referred to Russia as the “Soviet Union.”

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During a foreign policy debate on Wednesday at the Brookings Institution, top Romney foreign policy advisor Richard Williamson criticized the Obama administration’s lack of a policy to address the ongoing civil war in Syria.

Williamson erred when he said that Syria, an ally of Moscow, is “strategically important to the Soviet Union.”

Earlier in the address, Williamson recounted at length the Reagan administration’s handling of the Soviet Union and how the United States approached relations with the Eastern Bloc prior to its collapse.

Williamson went on to hit the Obama administration for its selective approach to its support for the principle of “right to protect” which was invoked as justification for the intervention in Libya in 2011 but is not being applied to similar circumstances in Syria.

Watch the gaffe below via C-SPAN 3:

h/t Think Progress

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