Balloon Girl: Child In Bounce House Carried Through The Air By A Gust Of Wind

It’s been far too long since cable news stations have given us an absurd, child-related special interest story. The sad tale of of Balloon Boy may have teased America’s collective heartstrings, inspiring the public to care and grow concerned for the well-being of what they were lead to believe was a little boy trapped in a homemade flying device, only to later demolish their faith in humanity when it was revealed that the entire event was a hoax and an orchestrated ploy for publicity. Well, now there’s the heartbreaking story of… Bounce House Girl?

Meet the young Arizona girl who was carried off by a powerful gust of wind while playing in an inflatable bounce house during a party. Nine-year-old Jessica Baray and her older sister, eleven-year-old Alissa Baray, were playing in the house when the wind lifted it off the ground. The older girl eventually fell out, but the younger was trapped in house until eventually crash landing on a neighbor’s roof, causing the little girl to tumble out.

Alissa suffered a concussion and required medical attention, but seems to be recovering quite nicely. Parents: Please make sure your bounce house is tied down securely, and don’t be too concerned about playing “the nice dad.”

Watch America Live‘s segment on the little girls, via Fox News:

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