Baltimore Mayor Apologizes for Use of the Word ‘Thug’

During both the Ferguson and Baltimore riots of the past year, a point of contention for media coverage has been use of word “thugs” to describe those engaged in the demonstrations. The word has been decried as coded language with racial undertones, and Baltimore Councilman Carl Stokes went as far as telling a CNN anchor that those who use “thug” might as well just drop the n-word.

Interestingly, however, President Barack Obama and Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake — both of whom are black — used the word in their respective responses to Monday evening’s violence in the city. Obama lambasted “criminals and thugs” dishonoring Freddie Gray‘s death (the impetus for protests in the first place), while Rawlings-Blake said “thugs” are destroying the city they’ve worked hard to build up.

After some social media criticism, the mayor issued a few statements on Twitter Wednesday morning to apologize and clarify her words:

[Featured image via NBC/screengrab]

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