Baltimore Sun Critic Skewers Fox News as Trump’s ‘Propaganda Puppets’: Like We’re in ‘Communist Country’


Fox News got an earful from media analyst for the Baltimore Sun David Zurawik Wednesday.

Speaking with CNN’s Brooke Baldwin Wednesday, Zurawik said that Fox News’ media strategy of sucking up to President Donald Trump is going to bite them.

“It’s a bad strategy. It looks good now, ’cause they have ratings,” he said. “But I don’t think there’s any thinking person in this country that doesn’t believe Trump’s going to end up in infamy and if you’re in bed with him as a media company the way Fox News has become, you’re going to live with that stain. You’re gonna destroy your brand even with your base.”

“Their primetime lineup… is straight propaganda, it’s propaganda puppets, it’s unbelievable,” he added. “It’s like a communist country when you watch that show. It’s beyond state TV.”

Zurawik then called out Tucker Carlson in particular for telling his viewers to believe no other newscaster but him, adding that former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly for employing the same tactic.

“They have so polarized the conversation. And to see [Corey] Lewandowski last night going womp womp was the last straw. It was such outrage.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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