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Barbara Bush: “You Can’t Dislike Bill Clinton”

It seems no one is immune to former president Bill Clinton‘s Southern charm– even the couple who lost the White House to him. In today’s special Larry King exclusive with George H.W. and Barbara Bush, both the former President and First Lady heaped praise upon the Clinton clan, thankful for the easy transition of power and the “really good personal relationship” that developed between the families.

King asked the couple about their thoughts on Chelsea Clinton‘s wedding, which they did not attend and were happy not to. “Jenna [Bush]‘s wedding had no politicians,” Barbara Bush explained, “and I think that’s what Bill did, and Hillary.” She added that she understood how difficult it must have been for them to keep the wedding that way.

The former First Lady then went on to confess how much she liked President Clinton: “it took me a little while, I confess, but you can’t dislike Bill Clinton. He’s very likable. And he was so good to George… he would let George have the bed. I have a feeling Bill wishes he had a father like George, truthfully.” George Bush corroborated her story, lauding Clinton’s “extraordinarily kind” disposition towards him and their warm friendship.

First Barbara Bush casually hints she’d rather see Sarah Palin out of the political picture, and now she’s praising Bill Clinton? Is there something the former First Lady would like to tell us about her post-presidential political views?

The clip via CNN below:

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