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Barbara To George H.W. Bush After He Tears Up: “You Could Be Speaker Of The House!”

Barbara Bush and former president George H.W. Bush have been married for nearly 66 years now (the two were wed in 1945) and still somehow manage to seem quite in love, as their Today Show interview with granddaughter Jenna Bush Hager clearly demonstrates.

Bush (who seems to be quite a fan of this holiday) shared several of his love notes to his wife (“Good night, my beautiful,” he read, “Every time I say beautiful, you about kill me, but you’ll have to accept it.”), and affectionately referred to her as “Wrinklestilskin” after she joked about being beautiful “if you like wrinkles.” He teared up at one point, prompting the always outspoken Barbara to quip, “You could be Speaker of the House!” – obviously in reference to John Boehner‘s much-discussed crying spells.

It wouldn’t be the first time Mrs. Bush has offered less than flattering commentary about a fellow Republican. You’ll recall that, back in November, Barbara told Larry King that Sarah Palin is “very beautiful,” but “she’s very happy in Alaska, and I hope she’ll stay there.”

We’re sure that, somewhere, Boehner is sitting at his desk, glaring into a waste basket where a single “Bee Mine!” Valentine card lies crumpled and torn. Hang in there, Mr. Speaker.

Watch video of the interview, courtesy NBC’s Today Show:

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