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Barbara Walters Found X-Rated Photo Of Rep. Weiner’s Genitals ‘Flattering’

Count The View‘s Barbara Walters among those not utterly horrified by the racy picture of Congressman Anthony Weiner‘s penis.

While the women were discussing the photo, Joy Behar, being Joy Behar, asked whether or not the picture could have been of Andrew Breitbart, the one who, of course, first blew (sigh) the Weinergate scandal wide open. Walters told her co-stars she had seen the picture “days ago” and pointed out that Weiner has not publicly denied that the picture is his.

“Well, it must have been a flattering photo…” mused Elisabeth Hasselbeck. To which Walter promptly responded, “Let me tell you something: it is.”

And, so. That happened.

Watch the segment, via ABC:

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