Barbara Walters Grills Don Lemon on MH370: CNN Wouldn’t Cover If ‘Not for the Ratings’

Don Lemon filled in as a guest co-host on The View Monday, and right off the bat he faced questions about CNN’s near-nonstop MH370 coverage. Barbara Walters told him that CNN’s covered this “more than any other story than I can remember.” Lemon said, “I think you’re probably right, but the audience interest is there.”

Walters brought up the ratings issue, to which Lemon responded, “It’s not just the ratings, but we’re giving––part of what our mission is to give the audience what they want.” He argued that it’s important to keep covering the missing plane for the sake of the grieving families, partly because Malaysia does not have a free and open press.

Walters, however, stayed on the numbers, telling Lemon “CNN would not do this if it were not for the ratings.” Lemon insisted it’s not entirely the case, telling Walters “We do a lot of things that don’t rate well but we still do it.”

Watch the video below, via ABC:

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