Barbara Walters Pens Blunt Joan Rivers Eulogy: ‘A Few Things Are Important to Know’

Veteran newswoman Barbara Walters wrote a column for the Daily News Friday memorializing Joan Rivers who died the previous day at 81.

In the barefaced eulogy, Walters says there are “a few things that are important to know” about Rivers. Among them, “She wasn’t a great beauty and she didn’t have great success with men.”

Rivers married twice in her life, with the first marriage ending after six months and the second one ending in the husband’s suicide.

More from Walters’ eulogy:

Her stage act was very raunchy. She would make fun of herself. Make fun of her looks. Make fun of her body and she would put herself down in order to win an audience’s approval. Frankly she did almost anything for a laugh. Anything to get an applause. And boy did she make them roar.

But in her private life, she was very elegant.

She was stylish and lived in a semi-private townhouse with beautiful furniture, antiques, china and glassware. If you went to her house, you would not think it belonged to brash comedienne Joan Rivers.

Above all else, she loved to work — because more than anyone I’ve ever known, she needed the praise and the warmth of an audience.

Walters closed her column describing Rivers as “brassy” and “outrageous.”

“No one,” wrote Walters, “loved life, laughter, and a good time more than Joan.”

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