Bari Weiss Rejects GOP Whistleblower Argument: If Cops Find a ‘House Full of Cocaine,’ Does It Matter If the Informant Was Biased?


New York Times op-ed columnist Bari Weiss interrupted a Fox News panel to deconstruct the Republicans’ argument against the Trump-Ukraine whistleblower, using a “house full of cocaine” analogy to dismiss their bias claims as irrelevant.

Defenders of President Donald Trump have ominously warned that the supposed political bias of the National Security Council whistleblower could mean that this person is orchestrating a “deep state” plot or part of wild, baseless conspiracy theories. To push back on these baseless claims, Weiss broke in to the end of a segment discussing former US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley to make her argument defending the whistleblower.

“Just one last thing about the whistleblower,” Weiss interjected to Fox News anchor Bret Baier. “If an informant calls the NYPD and says, ‘There’s a house full of cocaine at the end of the block’ and the NYPD goes there and they find a house full of cocaine and then we find out that the informant was biased against that homeowner, does it actually matter if the person was biased that the cocaine is there?”

“Sure, uhhh,” a clearly surprised Baier responded.

“I wouldn’t care if this informant was a Marxist who defends Joe Biden, is what I’m saying,” Weiss added.

“I guess that it just raises questions of why Adam Schiff at the beginning wanted to hear from the whistleblower, said he should be called up,” Baier responded. “And then when the story comes out that he and his staff met with him beforehand, suddenly he is not relevant at all.”

Baier’s focus on the supposedly suspicious timing of Schiff’s decision failed to address Weiss’ point, however, that numerous, other Trump administration officials have corroborated large amounts of the whistleblower’s complaint. That is the stated reason, according to Schiff and other House Democrats, why the whistleblower’s testimony is no longer critical to the impeachment investigation.

“But if people are verifying what this person said…” Weiss again began to point out, before Baier cut her off and ended the segment.

“We are going to see that play out,” he said. “I’ve got to go.”

Watch the video above, via Fox News

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