Barney Frank Goes After George Will Over Marijuana Legalization On This Week

ABC’s This Week began the first in a series of big debates that will continue throughout the next year. Today’s topic was whether government is too big or not, with two advocates on each side arguing for each position, and naturally the conversation made its way to drug legalization. In quite a surreal moment, Barney Frank asked George Will his position on marijuana and if it should be legalized.

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Will admitted that he was a supporter of the internet gambling legalization bill Frank has fought for in Congress, but admitted that regarding marijuana, he would need to learn more about its effects on the human body and how government would regulate it. Frank responded to the notion of marijuana being a gateway drug by saying “anything is a gateway to anything.” Will argued his position was a “quest for information,” and Frank asked how long it would take because marijuana has been around for a long time already.

Christiane Amanpour awkwardly tried to change the conversation to social mobility, which Paul Ryan was somewhat relieved about. Frank injected to say that if Ryan and Will were arguing that big government is wrong, they should be intellectually consistent by not taking the position that government should prohibit people from doing what they wish to their bodies or telling people who they can marry or not.

Watch the video below, courtesy of ABC:

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