Martin Bashir Airs Damaging Clip Of Romney Saying ‘A Blind Trust Is An Age-Old Ruse’

On Martin Bashir’s “Clear the Air” segment on Tuesday, he aired a clip of Mitt Romney contradicting his earlier assertions that he had no control over the blind trust with which he made most of his investments. In the clip that aired on Bashir’s MSNBC program, a young-looking Romney spoke into a camera and said “a blind trust is an age-old ruse.”

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Bashir opened the segment by discussing Romney’s previous statements in which he claimed his investments were handled by a blind trust over which he had no control.

“Any investments that I have were managed by a blind trust,” Romney said on the stump. “I don’t make investments in Bain or anywhere else.”

Bashir aired two more clips of Romney saying that his investments were outside of his control over the past decade.

“So what does Mr. Romney understand by a blind trust,” asked Bashir. “How does he think a blind trust works in practice? Well, quite wonderfully, Mr. Romney has been completely upfront and crystal clear about what he thinks a blind trust is and how it works.”

Bashir than played a clip of a younger Romney saying that the idea that blind trusts are independent from their investors is a false notion.

“A blind trust is an age-old ruse, if you will,” said Romney. “You can always tell the blind trust what it can and cannot do. You give a blind trust rules.”

“A ruse, a sham, a dodge, a deceit,” said Bashir upon returning from the clip. “That’s what it is, isn’t it Mr. Romney? A Sham.”

Watch the segment below via MSNBC:

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