Battle Of The Bills!: O’Reilly And Maher Duke It Out On Real Time

There’s something amazing about Bill O’Reilly. He can go on the most “liberal” show around or have on the most “liberal” guest, but you will still see a large amount of respect passing back and forth. It happened between he and Jon Stewart (their meetings being an annual highlight) and, tonight, it happened on Bill Maher‘s Real Time. The meeting was so well matched that O’Reilly managed to get a couple moments of applause out of the Real Time audience (even though he called them applauding “seals”).

I think the reason that O’Reilly’s appearances are so fun is that he’s willing to find common ground with whoever he’s debating. Even though his book has the combative title of Pinheads and Patriots, when asked, he tells Maher that John Kerry is both. And he says that President Obama isn’t a “doctrinaire” but clearly states his problems with the President’s positions. Really though, what makes these meetings between O’Reilly, one of the great kings of the American right, and the various stars of the American left is the mutual respect. O’Reilly and Maher laugh at each other and mock each other but, most importantly, they listen to each other. As heated as it gets at time, this is some of the best political debate you get on TV these days and it’s greatly appreciated.

Check out O’Reilly’s appearance on Real Time from HBO below:

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