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BBC Reporters Describe Life While Captive Inside Tripoli’s Rixos Hotel

For five days, the journalists staying at Tripoli’s five-star Rixos Hotel were not allowed to leave. It was in those five days that the dictatorship of Muammar Gaddafi received its final blows, but forces within the hotel refused to believe it– and kept the journalists hostage in the belief that Gaddafi was busy eliminating the rebel forces, and not the other way around. BBC’s Matthew Price reported today on what went on in the meantime– how the reporters ate, slept, lived, and hope to be freed soon.

The BBC report accompanies the tales of those trapped in the Rixos that have been rolling in all day, both being trapped and escaping from the hotel. Price reports that they ate from what they found in the food storage of the hotel in the time being, having very few connections to the outside world. They slept in their armor, lined in the hallways, and lived in fear of being used has human shields for most of their stay there. Perhaps most frustrating for the journalists was explaining to the pro-Gaddafi forces in the hotel the goings-on outside of them, which they had not seen nor heard about aside from the reports of their captives.

The fascinating report via BBC below:

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